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Welcome to Hasselsson. You are now about to discover a great tool for a healthier lifestyle, let us introduce – Hasselsson kombucha.

Our main values are local production, organic ingredients and amazingly good taste. We also care about the environment, hence we  recycle our fine glass bottles.

We offer kombucha in different flavors inspired by the nature in Sweden.

What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a lightly carbonated, sour drink that originates in ancient Korea. It is brewed on black, white or green tea, sugar and bacterial culture also called scoby. Which is stuffed with lots of good bacteria. Scoby stand for (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) There we let it yeast for bacterial culture to break down the sugar and tea and result in a lot of health-promoting properties. When the fermentation is ready and ready to drain, we flavor it with organic raw materials.

Hasselsson Kombucha is a refreshing thirst quencher and a useful alternative to energy drinks and soft drinks. The drink contains, among other things, vitamin B, antioxidants, probiotic bacteria and enzymes. It also contains a small amount of caffeine because it is brewed on tea.

Within the Asian culture, kombucha has been drinking for thousands of years for its health-promoting properties. It is said to have a cleansing and detoxifying effect. Kombucha helps you to replace harmful bacteria, your stomach also loves kombucha as the scobyn strengthens your intestinal flora, brain and mental health. Kombuhan’s positive effect depend primarily on beneficial organic acids and antioxidants. Kombucha is also rich in B-vitamins. The B-vitamins are formed when the kombucha ferments. There is up to 200% more B-vitamins in finished kombucha than usual tea.

Hasselsson kombucha should be stored in a refrigerator and avoid direct sunlight. Opened bottle should be consumed within three days. Recommended daily intake 200-250 ml.

About us

Hasselsson offer a kombuchan where the taste is just as important as the health benefits .

The founders of Hasselsson Kombucha are Adam Axelsson and Ahmet Özdemir. Julia Axelsson is a part of your work.  We are born and raised in Gothenburg, where the  kombuchan is brewed. Adam holds the role of Product Manager where the quality of the kombuchan is more important than his relationships. Adam has a long experience of flavor combination and raw materials management.

Ahmet is a easy person who likes his daily coffee breaks, the combination of a coffee and a bun. For us, it is important to establish a good relationship with our retailers to ultimately give the best experience to people who likes to enjoy a Hasselsson kombucha. This is where Ahmet comes into the picture as the sales manager. Good relationships sets the base for Hasselssons to further develop.

Julia Axelsson is a wonderful figure with aonefoot in the art and one in teh real world. With a solid art education we are proud to have her as responsible for Hasselsson’s graphic profile.

Where to buy Hasselsson kombucha


JOS Hälsocafé                                                                                     Arket Café
Crippas Café                                                                                        Poh Keh                                                        
Tvinky                                                                                                      Vallgatan 12
Öbergska café                                                                                    Bengans Skivbutik
Bikram yoga Göteborg                                                                  Arket Café
ICA Supermarket kaptensgatan                                             Kastello
ICA Kvantum Munkebäck                                                           Nennas café
ICA Supermarket Medborgarplatsen (Stockholm)     Fram Eko livs
YogaYama                                                                                             Roots café
Kafé Alkemisten                                                                                Happy vegan
Hemköp Masthuggstorget                                                        HPKSM
Hemköp Nordenskiöldsgatan                                                 Elis Corner
Gröna Boden, Vasaplatsen                                                        Botaniska Paviljongen

Contact us

We are open to feedback on what we could do to develop our product. If you have any questions about our kombucha, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Adam Axelsson – Head of product                            Ahmet Özdemir – Head of sales
+46722528890                                                                  +46735225865
kombucha@hasselsson.se                                             kombucha@hasselsson.se